Friday, December 30, 2011

The Dog Days of Winter

If there were such a time, with such a name, this would be it: the week between Christmas and New Year's. The days may not be as long, but they have surely been just as languid. As a crew of men worked busily on our ceilings and drywall, much of the inside remained sealed in great sheets of plastic, and we were obliged to hang around outside with Marley, and nothing much else to do. By some ridiculous coincidence, the weather has been dry and unnaturally warm. I hate to think how miserable we would have been if it were in the 50s and raining.

  under the plastic The living room, covered in plastic.

  All the comforts Jerry on the patio. I don't know why he's all bundled up. It was sunny and warm all day.

  garage kitchen Here's my garage-kitchen.    garage kitchen
I have my microwave and a handful of counter-top appliances:  crockpot, rice cooker, toaster oven, electric griddle.  And we have our gas barbecue.  I even have use of my neighbor's kitchen this weekend while she's out of town, but I can't think of anything I really want that I can't make here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What it is...

blank slate

What it was 
before before

What it will be 
a hint of what's to come Malibu tile

More creative stuff

We are in the midst of our remodel. But I have still had a chance to flex my creative muscles a little. Here's some recent stuff: Merry Christmas to All Made this for my blog friend, Magda. These are her birds I've (digitally) dressed up for Christmas.
  the MAN...
Made this for my daddy. This is him a long time ago. Don't ask about the legend. Let's just say it's more of a mystery.

  fall 2011 Here we were, last month, all nice and neat and Photoshopped into some semblance of decency. Compare this to the hilarious family portrait that Brice made.

2012 Calendar Tea Towel Calendar, limited edition. Very limited. Please don't feel bad if I didn't send you one. I still love you. I only had it in me to make a few this time.  I'll try to do better next year.

OMG, Meet the fam.

The fam.  OMG. from left, Michael, me, Jerry, Brice 

Brice, my quiet one.  He has spoken 1000 words.
He made us a Christmas present. He made... us! How we laughed when we first unwrapped it, for Brice has captured our essence, collectively and individually. A caricature, to be sure, but actually pretty damn close to the real deal.