Monday, December 26, 2011

More creative stuff

We are in the midst of our remodel. But I have still had a chance to flex my creative muscles a little. Here's some recent stuff: Merry Christmas to All Made this for my blog friend, Magda. These are her birds I've (digitally) dressed up for Christmas.
  the MAN...
Made this for my daddy. This is him a long time ago. Don't ask about the legend. Let's just say it's more of a mystery.

  fall 2011 Here we were, last month, all nice and neat and Photoshopped into some semblance of decency. Compare this to the hilarious family portrait that Brice made.

2012 Calendar Tea Towel Calendar, limited edition. Very limited. Please don't feel bad if I didn't send you one. I still love you. I only had it in me to make a few this time.  I'll try to do better next year.


  1. You guys look so pretty/handsome!!! Your boys are absolutely the cutest guys on earth!!! (Don't tell them i said that, eh??) hehehe. Love your digital frame.

    The tea towel design is awesome. Did both your boys get your artistic abilities???

  2. Pretty much, although I'd say Brice has far surpassed me by now.

  3. Cindy, I have been behind in my visits here... but for the moment I need to write that what you did for me and for my Nicholas Gander his Goslings and Victoria Hen is utterly fantastic.
    Love it heaps...
    added the gift straight away to my side-bar, Christmas Post, my Computer's screen and then proceeded to send it to Friends who I felt would appreciate it. Next will be an enlarged print of the wonderful result, plus I now have a Christmas Theme forever.

    You are amazing Cindy... I am thrilled and thoroughly fortunate in experiencing your Friendship... time is nearing evening duties for me... will return soon to catch up.

    Huge hugs... love what you did, thank you.


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