Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turn your browser into a kaleidoscope You can use one of their pre-loaded pictures, or load an image from the Web. (I tried to do it with one of my Flickr photos, but it didn't work, so I will try again later.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marley is coping well

Marley in the mess This photo was taken almost a month ago, when the chaos from remodeling had reached a critical mass. And a critical mess. Marley has been very tolerant of all the disruption. As long as she has a comfy place to hang out, she's OK. When the workers are here, she spends a good portion of the day in my bedroom, where it's safer for her. But she has been friendly with all the guys, and has even started bringing a tennis ball to the general contractor, and the only thing that has really bothered her is our shop vac, which is insanely loud and leaves her trembling for an hour.
  Marley in the garage I don't recall Marley ever hanging out in the kitchen with me before. It was always Boomie's thing, and after he died, Marley would sometimes watch me from the carpeted comfort of the living room, but wouldn't come all the way in. Earlier in our remodeling process (it's been 2 months since my old kitchen got ripped out), Marley figured out that I had my temporary kitchen in the garage, and she now follows me in and out of there constantly, presumably on the chance she might get a piece of food or a fallen crumb, but sometimes she really just seems to be hanging out.

Her birthday was last month.  She's 12 now.

A year without him

Miss you, Boomie Today marks one year since Boomie died. I still miss him. Still think about him almost every day.

Jerry took this picture of Boomie in 2004. I was out somewhere. He was waiting for me. I always knew I wanted to make a special page with this image. Today I finally did.
  He waits for me It only seems like a lifetime from where I am. Where he is, there is no time. We will find each other again before he has a chance to miss me.