Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A year without him

Miss you, Boomie Today marks one year since Boomie died. I still miss him. Still think about him almost every day.

Jerry took this picture of Boomie in 2004. I was out somewhere. He was waiting for me. I always knew I wanted to make a special page with this image. Today I finally did.
  He waits for me It only seems like a lifetime from where I am. Where he is, there is no time. We will find each other again before he has a chance to miss me.


  1. Oh, this turned out so great, Cindy!!! Are you putting this in an online journal or a paper/physical one? It brings tears to my sweet. He loved his mamma!

    1. It's pretty much just here, and on my PC. That's all I need. I had my weepy time the other day while I was making this, and now I'm feeling better.


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