Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marley and Boomer, together again

In early January 2005, when we brought Marley home, she seemed less than thrilled at first.  She was sweet with us, but not towards Boomer.  When he got too close to her she would bark at him.  She had a very loud, deep bark!  Boomer would bark back at her.  It sounded like they were having an argument.  In the house, she would commandeer a section of the couch and bark and even snap at him if he invaded her personal space.  (but she never actually bit him).

This behavior gave way to brief periods of chasing, in which Boomie would chase her around the yard or around the living room.  Sometimes, it would end in humping (Boomie).  Almost always it would end with snapping (Marley).  But after a couple of weeks, Marley decided that Boomie wasn't so bad.  The barking arguments stopped, and soon afterwards, so did the snapping.  Marley and Boomie had become friends. The humping continued, but with diminishing strength over the years as Boomer got older and his hips got worse.  (but he was still humping occasionally with only one hind leg!)

Marley and Boomie First picture of them together, January 2005

Most of the time, they just laid near each other.  Sometimes when one dog had a tennis ball, the other one would creep closer and try to get it.  This was especially fun to watch when Boomie was trying to get the ball out of Marley's mouth.

Here is a little video of Boomie and Marley playing.  This was in May of 2009, a year after Boomie's amputation.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of Boomer's passing.  I would like to imagine that somewhere out there in the universe, Marley's spirit and Boomie's have found each other again.


  1. This song keeps coming to my mind..."Ebony and Ivory, they're together in perfect harmony"! Somewhere in the universe they are frolicking! Gorgeous dogs, both of them! That was a cute video! I know you are missing them both so much, Cindy. Again, my heart breaks for you!
    Hugs, Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie. I have one more "Remembering Marley" post in the pipeline, and then I think I'll be done.


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