Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dog update!

I haven't exactly been keeping her a secret, but I've had this dog for 2 months already, and haven't blogged about her. She is our dog pro-tem. A foster dog named Foxy.

  Foxy She is a Chow Chow mix, about 8 years old.

  Our new foster dog
She is beautiful. Her hair is soft and fluffy. Definitely the fluffiest dog I've ever had.

Have you ever seen a dog who matched a hardwood floor so well? This is a dog who quickly made herself at home, and now acts as if she is ours. Or we are hers.

She is well behaved in the house, and doesn't mind hanging out in the back yard for a couple of hours while contractors are busy inside and I need her to be out of the way. (yes, remodeling again. more on that later..) Boomie and Marley would never dream of spending time outside if we were not out there with them.

Foxy has learned to tolerate the pair of little yappy dogs that live behind us.

She loves to go for walks around the block with me.

She politely refuses the fruit and veggie snacks that our labs would have begged for and snarfed down. She would rather have meaty, cheesy treats, thank you, and no snarfing. She takes her treats gently and chews them! The labs didn't chew. They just inhaled.

We can't get her into a doggie bed. Her previous foster mom warned me about this. We've tried 3, in various places. She's just not interested. Just give her a patch of floor.


Foxy is available for adoption through Barks of Love Animal Rescue, and she has a page Petfinder.