Saturday, September 28, 2013

Max: a dog's life, for now

So in the past month-plus that we've had Max, we've learned that he wasn't just sad.  He is sick.  Max has cancer.  And he really did only weigh 59 lbs.  He now weighs, maybe, 54 lbs.  Underneath that shaggy coat is one bony old man.  His appetite is very poor.  I have to coax and cajole him to eat almost every meal.

Max will live out the rest of his life with us.  We have no idea how much time he still has.  And since we also have very little idea of what his life was like before he came to us, we are trying to just let him be a regular dog, while he still can.  So here he is, doing regular dog stuff:

    Proudly showing off where he dug a hole under the planter.

Laying on a dog bed, for once.  He actually prefers to sleep on the ground, just like Foxy.

Squeezing into tight spaces for a nap.  In this case, he's wedged himself behind my chair.

Chewin' on a stick.

He has a couple of spots in the ivy that he's turned into "nests" for himself.

Here he is with Foxy.  They get along very well most of the time. They are not buddy-buddy, though. Most of the time, Max is low key and quiet, and Foxy likes that just fine. But when Max gets excited and starts barking, she doesn't like that so much, and she wants to remind him that she is the boss.